Her Extravaganza

For the first time in forever

Her feminine figure sparkled among the crowd

Her eyes welcoming mine

As we greeted each other a good morning.

We both wore the same thing

But she looked prettier in that gown.

Surely, it was unbelievable that

Everyone was jealous of her

Excluding me.

For I was attached to her kindness

Her charming way of capturing hearts

She was a dazing light that emerged into my soul

And owned all of it, one piece at a time.

But one autumn morning

When the maple trees were crying it’s leaves off

I saw her on a park bench

Resting her head on his shoulder.

Tips to Make everyday the best day of your life

“Rise with determination and sleep with satisfaction”

The above statement is what should be practiced in every daily routine. It’s merely an achievement, because we all know that it is not easy to spend a day without having any regrets.

If we start wonder why we couldn’t have our day satisfactory, we should be able to sort out why it didn’t come out as good as it should be. Let me get this straight,

  • You wake up late

Well, this happens to me most of the time. Waking up early it’s really hard for a night owl and might be the thing for an early bird. But a both these creatures get only 24 hours, nothing less and nothing more. So it’s mandatory to use it in the optimum way.

  • You get distracted from your daily chores

This makes you regret that you aimlessly let distractions grasp your attention from what’s important in life.

  • You want to do it later

Believe me, this won’t help. If you keep postponing your daily tasks, you won’t be able to do what should be done first. Everyday you will be doing what was postponed yesterday and not the ones that are meant to be done today.

    You excuse yourself

  • Procrastinating isn’t a very good option and neither is excusing yourself. Even if you don’t feel the need to complete something, you should probably make yourself do it. Don’t let you stop you.
    • You overthink

  • Overthinking doesn’t change anything. If something bad had happened to you or if you regret an incident of your life, don’t think about it anymore. The past is always the lesson, the future is your gift and your present is your motivation. Just stay positive and try learn from your mistakes.
  • That’s some of the things that you should never ever think of doing if you want to successful.Here are some tips to get the most of every second of your day,

    Rise and shine

    Wake up early and have a nutritious breakfast to kickstart your brain. Yes, it really helps. Before you start working, be super excited because it’s a new morning, it’s your day!

    Remember everyday is a new beginning.

    Set a daily goal

    This is super important. You should have a rough idea on how the day should be going. Have a fixed mind over all things and realistic. Set a goal that can be achieved at the end of the day. By doing this, you will feel more relaxed.

    Prepare a checklist

    Oh, yes. We have a list of things to get done. But remember, first things first, second things seconds and last things last. Prioritizing is enormously important and fun! Make it a habit to get that right away.

    Switch of your mobile phone

    Admit it. That wonderful mobile phone of your is delightfully but ironically your typical Grim Reaper who has no intention of destroying the rest of your day plus your future. So please ignore it. Simply hide it under your bed or flush in the toilet bowl. Just kidding. Switching off will do what’s needed.

    Say goodbye to daydreaming

    When I was younger, I used to daydream a lot. Even when I was studying, I would just distract myself in a world where I get everything I want. But as said in the Fault in our stars, life is not a wish granting factory. We should not expect it to be that too. So try to be practical and reasonable.


    Concentration is important. Our mind are faster than the speed of light and we are constantly struggle to tie it down to our bodies every mere split second. Recent studies have shown that meditation is reliable remedy for insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

    Have a power nap

    You might feel exhausted from working and a power nap is crucially appropriate. Try to close your eyes for 30 minutes and relax. But don’t sleep your day out. Just 30 minutes would do the magic.

    Drink plenty of water

    Water is life itself. So if you are working through the night, make sure you have a glass of water beside you.

    That was really the thing.

    Leave your comments down below.

    Have a great day!